Year One


In the 4 years of working here, I really, really had to fight for my job.

I started in October 2013. My first year, I didn’t do well. I was pissed that there were a bunch of different senior staff always telling me how to do it, but everyone had their own little ways.  I would follow one person’s direction, someone else would come along and say ” I don’t know how “the small kennel” used to do things, but here we etc, etc…” I was very frustrated at the fact that I had “volunteered” a month of my time for free. working almost 7 days a week. Every morning, starting around 7 and finishing work around 6 or so. But the day didn’t stop there, we had to eat super together. That way we were all on the “same page”.


Not only, was I not getting paid, like I understood I would be. But the dinners were mandatory. I needed alone time in my life. It was all quite much and let’s just say, I was also fighting my own demons.

I quit early that season.

Something about quitting early, I had decided that, I could live with being underpaid, as long as I had this dream job of working with dogs, outside and guiding. After allot of back and forth with the original owner.

Emailed in 2014

I got rehired for the next season.

Chantal Dostaler



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2 thoughts on “Year One”

  1. In court documents, it is stated “In the ruling, Dostaler, who worked for the business from November 2016 to August 2017”. Where did your 4 years come from?

    1. I worked as a seasonal contract worker for 3 seasons, and in my last year (4th season), got hired on the books and continued to work until the summer when I got fired. Nov 2016 to August 2017.
      It’s easier to write 4 “years” then to explain this. However, I do intend to explain this better in a future blog. Great Question Bj.

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