Advocating in Public

My first show was the Ottawa Vegan Expo this past November.


I was nervous. Thankfully, I had received enough moral and emotional support to stand here, and advocate for the dogs. How does a person, having had experienced and been part of such an awful thing, stand in front of people and say “I worked here for 4 years or so”? I’ll tell you how

I had to repeat myself hundreds of times, to hundreds of different people, and try to find a way to share with them, that there is a problem, and we need you to be aware, and sign.


My first time ever advocating for dogs in public.

All these different reactions allowed me to practice telling the story and how much to share with individuals.

We got hundreds of signatures this day, and hundreds more at the Pet Expo later on. It’s thanks to you all, asking me what my organization’s name was: that’s I decided to write and advocate under “Virtuous Musher” since its easier than Chantal Dostaler.


I am trying to raise money to help me support the work I am doing. As a non profit, I get a discounted price.

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I had to pay 400 dollars for this booth, and the other one was around that price too. The expos are great because they attract a crowd, that come visit the booths. It’s a great way get the world out and petitions signed.

The petitions then get presented by myself and/or various people to people in government.

Chantal Dostaler

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