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If you're new here, Let me tell you, I used to work at a Canadian Sled Dog Tourism company- We had 400 dogs on 4 foot chains- I spoke out about the abuse I witnessed employed for Chocpaw Expeditions.  so I am a Whistleblower. - I go by Shown ' Tell

I worked hard on learning why it is- animals living in Canada have no - or next to - no rights... its because they don't have person hood under Canadian law.
In fact, many people are advocating for animals to get recognized as persons under the law, and there's been some great lawsuits setting precedent for the animals in Canada.

This link is The final post of an 10 part series - from Dogsled to Whistle blowing.
You might Cry, and that's okay.  It's Important to Hear The Stories, that make up OurStory -

OurStory involves getting to know how our Government Works, How to Speak out, Who to speak out to, and What might happen- I imagine, If I had taken these steps, with a group of people, willing to speak out about what they have witnessed, experienced, and participated in...  a practice that is no longer considered ethical in many many hearts - some of them - Illegal - some of them not.

Then - What to do if it's Legal- why is it legal - Oh my goodness, I did the work.
but Hope's Story still isn't over. I need people Like you, to care so much about the 4 legged, that you would advocate till the laws fir our current values - not only for the domesticated, but for the Wild ones to.

Oh! - And I will never once demand you to go Vegan, but I will ask you to keep reading.

Ready?   -CLick TheRe

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