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Dogs are considered property in the court of law. This results in “man’s best friend” having next to no protection from neglect, and abuse.

Did you know, it’s legal in Canada to shoot any number of dogs, so long as they are your own?



I worked in the dogsled industry, as a musher (or dogsled guide) for 5 years.

My introduction to dog sledding was at a small kennel, it was a work trade, I worked with the dogs in exchange for housing and food. The kennel had approximately 25 dogs and through this opportunity, I got to understand the very personal trials and tribulations dog owners face. This is also where I met my best friend, Oochdog.

Looking for a challenge and the opportunity to grow as a dogsled guide, Oochdog and I moved on to a larger company in the same community. When I started there, we were a small crew taking care of 400 dogs. I worked hard and proved myself to be an asset for this team.  It is a very demanding position for everyone invilved. I loved the dogs, I loved the outdoors, and I felt so grateful to be able to share this experience with hundreds of people a year. After 4 years I was “let go”… by then, we only had 250 dogs remaining in our care.

This terrible experience has made me an advocate for change for dogs in the sled dog industry. Ive been fighting for my rights, and that of the dogs for 3 years. Navigating through Ontario, Canada’s systemic problematic animal protection forums- through means of virtue.



It’s 2019, Canadian animal protection laws are long overdue for a reform.


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I Live and Advocate on unceded, non-surrendered beautiful Algonquin territory.

Chantal Dostaler


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