#End Sled Dog Cruelty: Who is Virtuous Musher?

Dogs are considered property in the court of law. This results in “man’s best friend” having next to no protection from neglect, and abuse.

Did you know, it’s legal in Canada to shoot any number of dogs, so long as they are your own?


Geezhigo-Quae ni-dij-na-kaz, Anishinaabe Agokwe-nini, Non Status, Mixed Ancestry. I LiveĀ  and Advocate on unceded, non-surrendered beautiful Algonquin territory.

Whistle Blower for Dogs in the Sled Dog Industry.I am an Advocate and Artist under the name Virtuous Musher.

It’s 2019, Canadian animal protection laws are long overdue for a reform.


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Chantal Dostaler,



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