Township of Joly Responds…

On March 14, 2019, the Clerk Treasurer responded to a complaint I submitted to the Joly Township in February. My chief complaint was the kennel’s business model is based on taking people out on multi day dogsled expeditions where dogs sleep outside with no shelter on 6″chain, the business model is based on breaking the law by stripping the dogs of their right to adequate shelter. 

I have no opinion, or comment yet, but I wanted to share the response.

On March 15th, an updated version of the complaint, along with this response has been submitted to the “right jurisdiction”.
You can also submit a comment/complaint form to the Village of South River, Ontario, Canada.


Chantal Dostaler

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1 thought on “Township of Joly Responds…”

  1. What a lame and useless response. Make no mistake, some of the people who live in this area (South River) are of a ‘hillbilly’ mentality and animal use and abuse is business as usual for them. My parents lived in the area for a time and it was appalling to see what some people there find acceptable.

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