The Problem with Bill 156

Bill 156 : The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act


This week, Ontario government introduced a new bill called The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act. Introduced by agriculture minister for the agriculture industry.

To Many, this is just an AG GAG- denoting legislation that prohibits covert documentation or investigation of conditions in the farming industry, to protect the industry.

I agree.

Don’t forget the animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of climate change… it’s also government subsidized… and unregulated… and outrageously abusive to its livestock

Maybe lets focus on regulating farms rather then punish those who wish to expose… where your tax money goes.

What ever makes you care about Bill 156

If this bill comes to effect, it means people won’t be able to go onto farms to show you how your food (and fur) is being produced.This includes undercover agents and activists. Farmed animal’s: I am not talking about the slaughter house, I am talking about where these animals are grown. Those animals are treated very poorly, with terrible living conditions.  It’s an unregulated industry in Ontario, remember? The animal protection laws are not a thing in Canada.

I understand that PAWS act is now law, but really, the work these activist and undercover agents do is so so SO important. Why punish those who are willing to make a stand.

For a great explanation, as always read Animal Justice’s article- hear it from the pros.

How does this effect sled dogs?

Well, I’m not so sure because they aren’t considered food, so they don’t fall under agriculture. but it is industry so … yea, there’s room to assume this bill would be arguably used here to. However to me personally, there are strong resemblances to the sled dog industry- their owners trying to protect their source of income regardless of the living conditions of their “livestock” (dogs).

Let your MP know your just not down with Bill 156.

Sign this Petition!!!

Thanks for caring

Chantal Dostaler

Update**** July 21 2020

Bill 156 was passed in house of commons, and two days later, animal activist Regan Russel got killed by a truck carrying pigs on their way to slaughter.


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