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Court ruling means Ontario must find a new way to enforce animal cruelty laws


I’ll tell you this: In my four years of working there, we had the OSPCA come in a few times. People complain, and that’s normal.


Last visit I was privy to at work, the OSPCA officer did not set foot between the rows when he spoke to the owner. Even then, we tried to hide the very sick dogs. The officer did not speak to me or my coworkers.

Months after I no longer worked there, when I started being brave enough to tell someone official, I did call the OSPCA. Mind you, I did not think they would do anything. Even with the information I had given, as someone who had been one of the primary kennel workers, to the person on the other end of the line assured me that a lot of what I had said was legal.

If you are looking for anything relating to the OSPCA in this blog, you probably won’t. I personally had no faith in that system.


Here’s what you can do today:


The purpose of this study is to understand public perceptions about animal cruelty investigations/humane law enforcement and its future in Ontario.

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