Slim Sleeps

Some dogs, especially pups, do have trouble getting used to the drop chains.

Slim, he was a large, big sweet dog, that ran on one of the senior guides team. Their partner, who is also a musher, tells me that this musher, would sleep outside next to the dog, and Slim would only quiet down when the musher would touch him.

There are apparently many nights where this guide got to sleep in their sled, with a hand reaching out to Slim to get him to be quiet and sleep.

You can imagine the bond, that created between the two.



Drop chains are used all over, large kennels, small ones, in dogsled races. Allot of them are made to sleep on those chains with no shelter, regardless of the weather.


There was six people at the table who decided on Slim’s fate.I can remember my colleague’s jaw clenching, and the veins in her forehead getting larger, her face red, as her partner who started working at Chocpaw at the same time, Jamie holds her hand. It was said, because of how Stephanie felt for this dog, he got to live and finally got adopted. They don’t all get so lucky.

Senior Staff Jamie and Stephanie. Jamie helped me bring dogs to the cull, and bury them. Again, all senior staff were present for deciding who gets culled.

Six of us verbally agreed to the mass cull. Slim got to live, through sure favoritism.


Seasonal Kill



Chantal Dostaler


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