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Chantal Dostaler

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4 thoughts on “Protect the Animal, Not the Image”

  1. I whole heartedly agree. Not all are bad,but unfortunately the good mushers dont stop he bad mushers. I knw first hand how a pup will do almost anything for there owner. Even the owner that abuse it is sickning. That this day in age that these attrositist still exist!!! It make me really wonder where HUMANITY really is headed these being( and I say being! Because they FEEL GODDAMD IT!) and I knw thst GOD damds these acts! We try to make good on our efforts,but I only have faith that in after life these cruel people get to suffer in their after life. Heart sickening. I have personal owned 15 being in my life. They are the purest simplest forms of life and NEED OUR PROTECTION!! These people should be ashamed. I kbw these sled dogs LOVE to pull and run,but they deserve to be treated with the utmost!! They are like Olympians,so we threat them that way. No because as humans we have a fucking VOICE!! stop all this violence against our loyal friends!!!!!

  2. I once had a sled dog and know this breed of dog will do anything to please it’s master. Mine was an Alaskan as I was told but it looked more like a white Wolf and also acted like one . Little did I know these dogs kill cats and one morning I returned from work to find my cat ; a gentle but playfull feline , dead on the floor . There wasn’t much blood so I figure my musher must of just grabbed her by the head and shook her like a rag doll to death or crushed her skull.
    Although this happened I still loved my musher. But I could no longer keep him because I was horrified by what had happened . I gave him to a farmer who said “That’s a lead dog ” I still to this day think He was more wolf than dog . But my main idea is that we need to protect these strong and somewhat wild dogs . They love us with all their hearts .my daughter would read story books to mine and he would listen to her intently . That’s not a cruel dog . They need to be respected , yes they like a long walk but not to be overworked . . I may not of answered your question but my experience knowing my dog was that he would of died to protect me . I feel that same way about him .

    1. I get it, the unconditional love that has been showed to me by dogs has saved my life in a sence. Dogs would do anything for us, and we in turn, should honor that. Not take advantage of it. thanks for sharing your story, Danny. – chantal

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