Part 9 : The dogs in all this.

Allot of work has gone in advocating for the dogs. It turns out, if the public doesn’t care, the mass media wont publish your story- even if you have evidence.

In these hard truths, I continued to push towards sharing my story- and grabbing your attention- for the protection of the dogs.

Other activists pushed hard- to gain media attention- so you would pay attention.

The local media fed off the stories- but the locals didn’t want to care. After all, this company was a huge economy booster for the area. Naturally, my employer called me a “disgruntled employee” in attempts to dismiss my claims about animal abuse. By now- I had been used to their lies, and wasn’t surprised that no other employee would come forward for the dogs (by the way- its never too late to be on the right side of history).

Repeating a story over and over again, helped me disassociate from my emotions, and in turn, become a better advocate for the dogs.

I shared my awful stories, over and over again- and tried thinking of other ways to make change happen for these dogs.

I even started learning about political advocacy as I met with MPs and elected officials, shared my story and presented petitions.

Then, we got some news!

Full article here :


We even got a multi million dollar- vegan animal rescue- to agree to give vet care, rehabilitate and re home the dogs.

full article here :


Of course, Mushers came to the rescue- to protect the image.

The very same people, who didn’t believe me before- now stepped in to advocate for the dogs- with a different image.


Animal Advocate remained persistent.

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There were little “wins” along the way.


Update On Cargo :


The dogs eventually all got dispersed to other sled dog kennels in north america. Some got adopted out- on Chocpaw and North Ridge Ranche’s terms.

Animal Advocates had to pretend they never herd my story.. or didn’t know who I was, if they wanted to try and rescue dogs.



full article here :


I can only assume the reasons for this: My assumption, anyone that shared my point of view- would turn around and show the media the status of their rescue dogs.
With high anxiety, or pacing behaviors like Cargo- this is 13 minutes of pacing fast forwarded into 1 minute.

The Chocpaw dogs have vanished into history- as no one speaks of them anymore.

Where are they all?

I don’t know.

Word around town was- some people who worked at this Kennel- went ahead and started their own kennels in the area- in the unorganized townships.

Where there are no regulations what so ever on kennel ownership, no permits needed.


This is Pike dog. He was my lead dog for the 4 winters I ran with the dogs at this kennel. I wouldn’t have lead trips nearly as successfully without him. He has been in lead many a hundred expeditions into the Nip pissing area. He retired and was adopted in summer of 2017 and shortly passed away- in a home- with a loving family- his new owners and the 3 other dogs they had. Through coincidence, his picture has been shared widely over social media as one of the poster dogs for End Sled Dog Cruelty- who are pushing forward with sled dog cruelty awareness and who have long been advocating to end 24/7 tethering of dogs in Canada. I am an ally to End Sled Dog Cruelty- in 2018 , we have come to meetings to give testament, and provide petitions to elected officials in Ontario. Without a following- Elected officials have little interests in these matters.

Keep signing petitions, however we need to move beyond them, and get any member of parliament to present an independent bill on animal protection to the house of commons in order to make long lasting changes for animal protection in Canada.

Go back to the home page to sign the petition : or click here : Vote For Hope.

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