Part 7: My story: The “Tiger King” of Sled Dogs?



Then It Starts


…We Saw it Coming


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And of course- now the media has something to write about-


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The owner passes away from a diabetic complication.

article here :



Then the movie comes out.

sorry about the quality here


I decide to stay pass the winter- into my first ever summer at as a Kennel worker for this company.

… and that’s when I experience this


Between this,  the very toxic work environment, being overworked and underpaid- My mental health gets progressively worse- and I get fired.

I try to let other mushers know- but no one seems to want to help the dogs…


I continue on looking for accountability for the treatment of the dogs.


Finally, with no where else to turn, I reach out to the Documentary maker- Fern Levitt.


Who Introduces me to some amazing allies at End Sled Dog Cruelty


I tell them where the dead dogs are… and they surprise me by going in, and getting evidence of my allegations of there being hundreds of dogs buried behind the kennel.







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