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By the way- This is illegal in Canada


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I have to say.. if everyone chose to work for fair pay, then no one would have to deal with shitty wages. That’s why there’s the ministry of labor… if companies are choosing to pay their employers next to nothing then there are high turnout rates, and little to no experience. You get people that don’t know much about the woods, teaching people misinformation about ecosystem, forestry industry, flora and fauna.

I’ve seen it. Far too often, I’ve been there with  guides who don’t know the difference between a poplar and a birch  just by looking at it. It always erked me, that those who are in charge of leading youth into the wilderness and foster a connection know very little themselves about their natural surroundings. They know about the skill they are guiding: canoeing, kayaking, knowledge of gear and brands, also great leadership skills- but often- in my experience- the guides have little knowledge of their ecosystem, and natural history of the lands….

Regardless, the amount of risk in wilderness guiding is one not to brush off.

People can get seriously hurt and/or die on expeditions trips. Can you imagine being the guide a scenario like this?

**I wasn’t the guide here, just an example**

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Guides in Canada should be untitled to fair wages. Why do guides choose to work for little money and tell themselves it is what it is… I believe a big reason is not knowing anybetter- since most of us are young 20 somethings.

You- and your coworkers- just got to learn to make a stand rather then choose to be complacent

Corporations ( many businesses are incorporated) make you sign contracts as a condition to your employment. These contracts are to make workers believe that this is legally binding- and they have agreed to terms and conditions. Here’s the reality: A corporation cannot create a contract that break labor laws.

Hence why- in Ontario-  we have a ministry of labor who will look into your complaints for free.
And make your employer pay you a fair wage.

Guides: you should really unionize your field.


Like the couriers in Toronto, Ontario did.


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Wanna start a Union?

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