Part 10: The laws in all this

In 2019, I focused my efforts, diving deeply into the world of animal protection in Canada.

As someone who represents the dogs- and is looking for answers for the animals. I figure the next step was to go where all the professionals are and see what they are talking about. Long story short:

In Canadian Law words matter.  Anything granted person hood under the laws is legally recognized as a person. “Personhood” is granted to people and corporations.
Animals are not granted personhood. 
They are property.
Grant animals person hood under the law- and their livelihood is to be legally recognized.

I went to countless professional conferences, tried to have fun but felt really out of place. None the less listened closely, informed myself- for the dogs- and asked questions.

Left to Right- Chantal Dostaler (me) , Jo-Anne McArthur , Peter Sankoff and Camille Labchuck.



When this all started I wasn’t so brave, I had no idea what to do, and who to turn to.

The very first thing I did, when I decided to blow the whistle, was call Crime Stoppers about the gun used to Euthanize dogs.

I had my doubts that the owner had a possession and acquisition license, so I called it in. Nothing came of it.


Of course, I called the OSPCA- but I had my doubts here as well- since I was well aware of the ongoing relationship with this kennel, and this corporation. I knew the kennel hid the sick dogs in the back.



But you see, there were all these things happening with the OSPCA in Ontario…

full story here:


The Ontario Government was now implementing a new Act to enforce animal protection:

The Paws Act :

Here are the leading lawyers speaking about this Act in a great Podcast series called : Paw and Order

Link to podcast here:

Long story short: Its great to have enforcement officers- but it’s the animal protection laws that are lacking… meaning: what laws are they enforcing?

Here’s my take, with my opinions and thoughts on the matter :


Another angle I looked into was the Townships kennel Licensing system

Even after finding a loop hole, neither township wanted to handle the case- and kept referring me to the other township. I get it- the Corporation’s adress is in Machar, and the Kennel is in Joly…

You can read all about that here:



What about the Vet?

“Chocpaw Expeditions has the support of our veterinarian. He can attest to the quallity of CARE chocpaw Expeditions provides to our dogs (…) is a member of the College of Vets of Ontario”


There must be laws in this sector, about reporting animal abuse, or neglectful practices…

After all- we the staff- were administering prescription drugs without a vet’s supervision, or any medical training…

We kept immaculate track of all the dogs, and their health… When they were born, and when they died. Where they were from, and who were their parents…. I wondered, if paired in with the Vet notes- we could substantiate all the dogs- who were not accounted for…

Unfortunately nothing came of this either… so I decided then to file a complaint.

No Accountability here



That’s all he got, a slap on the wrist for over prescribing antibiotics… None of my other claims could be accounted for because, the vet was never presented with these dogs.

for example:





Another whistle blower comes forward- from the same kennel-

someone I’ve never met- who started working there after me. She tells me of her stories, of a dog, being brought to the vet, then taken away by one of the employees before it got any professional medical care.

I did go in, and make a video statement to the OPP- in hopes that they launch an investigation…

Current and ongoing:


march 21 2020

this is ongoing…

Let this case be investigated thoroughly by both the OPP and the new Animal Protection Enforcement Officers from the PAWS act.

Let this story- and all the research and documentation show- how the lack of animal protection law in Canada is the fundamental problem which needs to be addressed.






HiFive with Pete Singer!



10/21/20  This is what I stand for and I hope you see it too, I don’t understand why everyone says this will never work.











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