NO HUMPING~Accidental Breeding

There was allot of dogs at this kennel, most of which, weren’t spayed or neutered. It was our job as dogsled guides, to make sure no breeding would happen.


We would keep track of bitches in heat, make sure the males were away from the females. We told our clients, to never let the dogs hump.” Yell at them sternly, separate the dogs right away, then ask one of your guides to switch up the dogs.”

However accidental breeding did happen. If we were very lucky, the breeding never took (or the bitch never got pregnant). If we were not so fortunate, the bitch would have a litter. The boss did do selected breeding, however, was not a fan of unplanned pregnancies.

I remember, my second year, a bitch was in the puppy pen, giving birth. I took a peek from the far fence, and thought I saw some moving around of puppies. An hour later, I watched a staff member walk away from the puppy pen with a bucket. I didn’t look in the bucket. I asked how many she had had, and the staff said none. When I told them I had seen them, the Staff then told me the dogs did not make it. I didn’t ask anything else and he took the bucket away.

I can’t speculate, I’m only telling you what I know.

What I know is, in the warmer season of 2017, Jill had an unplanned litter. She had five or six pups. Myself and my colleague told the owner, my boss, what was at the kennel. We didn’t know when this had happened exactly and who was the father.

I can tell you, there were no more puppies that evening, and Jill was out of the puppy pen and back in her barrel. We administered penicillin to stop Mastitis: an infection that sometimes happen when any female is full of milk, and it hardens.

My boss told me she had drowned the puppies and buried them in a pit.


My dear reader, I’m so sorry you had to hear it from me.

Drowning puppies is illegal, though sad and awful, not unheard of in the dogsled industry. It is cost efficient, and no one is asking about those puppies.

I don’t have proof. The proof is in the pit.


Chantal Dostaler


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