Just like Whistler


On one occasion in or around spring of 2017, I raised my concerns with my employer again about being taken off of salary and made a contract employee again. One of my co-workers,was similarly concerned, and together we met with the employer and supervisor, as well as a part time staff,  to discuss the terms of our employment. During this meeting, I told them that I had concerns related to the Act and the company’s non-compliance with the same.

The employer became extremely angry at my comment and told me that if I called Ministry of Labor, the company would run out of money and all the dogs would be put down and that their deaths would be “on [me]”.

In fact, I had already been repeatedly told by my employer to feed the dogs as little as possible, to save money. But not so little to raise concerns. This angered me, I don’t think it’s fair to withhold food from the dogs, especially not in an attempt to save money. My coworkers assured me to ignore the employer’s demands, while I wanted to address them.

I was scared, I was angry.

What if what my employer was saying was true? What if there was no money? It is legal to shoot dogs, and they are already doing it, whats to stop them from doing more?

Of course, the next day, the supervisor came and gave me shit for yelling at my boss, and demanding an apology. The supervisor assured me that the employer had never said the company would run out of money and all the dogs would be put down and that their deaths would be “on [me]”. Instead, she decided to give an example, saying that if I tell anyone, it would just overflow the amount of problems happening for the company. It would be “another lemon” to their “basket of lemons”.

I shouted at her, I told her this place had become just like Whistler.

I left this meeting feeling increasingly dejected and scared about my future. I was truly distraught that my employer, the owner of the kennel, had threatened the dogs lives and I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I needed my job but I also needed to be treated fairly and was worried about the dogs.



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Chantal Dostaler


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