Industry Mushers: Winterdance

In September 2017, I decided I should try to start looking for work.

I showed up, did the interview. Then in December I wrote back.

Then they replied…

Then, I reached out for help to a “secret group chat”


In case your wondering who Brad F is Check out post “Industry Mushers:North Ridge Ranch”.

Then, years later, they come asking me for help.


As I continue to say, not all kennels operate like Chocpaw  Expeditions did when I was employed there, however I do firmly believe that the Industry Mushers are more concerned about their business image, than the industry standards.

Just to keep you up to date, in 2016, there was a documentary being made about Sled Dogs, it had a bunch of Industry Mushers on High Alert. Here’s Winterdance’s other owner on the subject.


 Industry Dog sledding, is having a bunch of dogs, in order to get tourists to take rides in order to make money.

You know what a bigger part of Canada’s culture is?: The Indian Act.

The Indian Act denied Indigenous people the right to practice their own traditions, languages, striped families apart and tore people away from their motherlands.

I’m tired of mushers telling me it’s “aboriginal culture”, as a means to defend it’s ongoing use today.

I’m tired of mushers telling me it’s part of Canada’s Culture, and it would be a shame to see it go.

In Canada Sled dogs have less rights than your pet. The Dog Sled Industry is an Unregulated industry. If you, dear reader, start to care, and demand better laws for animals, It just means, dogs in the sled dog industry will get better standards of care.

Because right now, there is nothing from stopping a Industry Dog Sledding Facility from exploiting these animals.

A big one is asking the Ontario Government to ban the 24/7 chaining of dogs.


Hey, reader, you’ll want to remember this part:


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Stay Tuned for the next post in this series “Industry Musher”

Chantal Dostaler

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