Industry Mushers: Spirit of the North

The conversation stops there. At this point, I recognized that Mushers are too busy with other things then to help me find some sort of solution with the kennel I worked at, Chocpaw Expeditions.

A few months later, march of 2018, I sent Spirit of the North Owner, a video. The title says it all. Mushers VS Activists.

Then, in February of 2019, a brave young woman, came forward with what she saw, willing living on the property she was working on.

Ok Dear Reader, I want you to remember this :

If your just tuning into Virtuous Musher, this website is a whistle blower’s attempt to get all the information out there. That way you, Dear Reader, can see for yourself, and form your own opinion. Here’s a great place to keep up to date.

Also, Check out the Dodo’s featured article:

Chantal Dostaler

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