Industry Mushers: North Ridge Ranch

Back in 2017 when I was so alone, so terrified of telling the truth, I reached out to a bunch of industry mushers.

All of which have not supported my efforts to Whistle Blow Chocpaw Expeditions neglect towards their sled dogs.

This is an unregulated industry, and people making profit do not care as much for the lives of the dogs as they would love you to believe.


I never herd much from them again, sure, some comments online, mostly due to my frustrations.

North Ridge Ranch is currently helping Chocpaw Expeditions find homes for their dogs.

Which is great on the surface. But we already found a sanctuary wanting to work with Chocpaw Expeditions.
Check out “Finding Good Homes”: Feature with the Fetterley’s very own video!

Finding Good Homes


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Stay tuned for Industry Mushers: Part 3

Chantal Dostaler

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