Industry Mushers: Chocpaw Expeditions

Back in December 2017, with the help of Sugardogs Adventures. I reached out to a group of industry mushers from the Near North Almaguins/Halliburton Highlands area through a “secret group chat”.  There we spoke about Chocpaw’s practices, and asked for help.  I quickly got shut out of this group.

This is why I screenshot everything, I got kicked out, never to be invited in this conversation again… Kennel Owner of Sugardogs Adventure Co, decided only to copy Chocpaw Expedition’s Owner response to the group, to protect privacy of the mushers in the private group.





This is very old news to me, again, but maybe, new to you. This was written in December of 2017 by owner of Chocpaw Expeditions.I haven’t spoken to the owner of Chopaw directly in almost two years. I did make an attempt through this very website!

Open Letter to Chocpaw Expeditions


Here’s what You, Dear Reader, Must do!


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