From Animal Rights onto Human Rights: All Our Relations

Why Aren’t the Vegan /Animal Protectors all over the #MooseMoratorium2020  ?
Here’s the official Petition, Why don’t you reach out to the people with the skills that you bring to the table?
DO it.

I’m still not done, Advocacy runs in my family.

My Sister, Is a Criminal Defence Lawyer

My Mother worked for Human Resources in the Federal Canadian Government,

I’m Told My Grandmother was a Human Rights Advocate.

How do we get people with different ideas of Respect, and what that looks like, to come together, and fight for Indigenous Rights/Sovereignty.

You can Follow the Podcast, Missing but Not Murdered: A Land Back Project  

As I slowly Organize my thoughts, and help convince you all,not only that it’s possible, but we can do it.

Lead with the Heart


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