Help: Where Are the Allies for Indigenous Rights

Its just…. so so so terrible that the amount of people that care for animal rights, don’t know about, or dont get involved in indigenous rights… but has anyone ever flat out ask them?
to me tho that carries our in environmental and human rights..


Listen, It’s difficult for me to keep up with all the different social medias…

so I reached out to ACORN UNION who Ive been actively volunteering with –

Today I reached out to Camille Labchuck of animal justice, who has a huge following- because of the amazing work they do for the winged finned and four legged, and Asked her, to please, Use their platform to advocate for indigenous rights.

I Cc’d Liam Casey- a well known Reporter from Canadian Press- because theyll be a bunch of actions nov 23-27 2020…

It just is you know, All I can do is Pray. Put it out there.

What’s stopping you, the links are above.
Please share and lead with the heart/.
this is beautiful

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