Protect Living Creation: Land Back for July 1rst 2021

Many Canadians do not understand Canadian Corporations capacity and powers, it is important that Canadians understand what 15 (1)  of CBC act : A corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a Natural Person.

Governor General, Use your royal assent to give the Crown Land back and further protect the people by reviewing the CBC act and revoke "natural person" from  section 15(1)) to protect peoples, environments and animals  from Canadian Corporate Business practices of using land and animals as resources- putting profit over people

As seen with the Wet'suwet'en Peoples at UNIST'OT'EN since 2019

Protect Living Creations, Not Corporations.

We the citizens of Canada-Turtle Island Respectfully call upon the Governor General of Canada to Use their power of Royal Assent to Give 100% of  Crown Lands (federal,provincial and privately owned) thats over 8 million square kms of land,   to the Original Caretakers of Turtle Island in a true act of Reconciliation.

What say you? Would you do what it takes to fight for Landback by July 1rst 2021... #MetooOui

- yes, i know i Dream big - Go back to the main page and click on "vote for hope"

Check out this Amazing initiative (which i have no relation too) Land Needs Guardians


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