Direct Action Everywhere: End Speciesism by Decolonizing

I am feeling left out of the conversation on animal protection.

The Veganism movement needs to be able to recognize differences in beliefs systems within the human animal species.

I caution you- I hear allot of pushing westernization on indigenous peoples here on turtle island.

That is fundamentally problematic –

Westernization is Colonizing Indigenous people and it’s wrong everywhere. Even In Canada.

It’s time -yall Welcome others in the fight for animal protection- but you need to be able to work together… even if we are different we can be stronger.

I swear- This relationship and the new ideas that would form in both environmental and animal- would greatly benefit for all Animals- Including the human as a species.

Believe me vegan spaces are not safe spaces – since you often refuse to put any thought about what westernization does to indigenous…

By the way, Why is that you think?


Chantal Dostaler
Whistleblower / Animal Advocate


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6 thoughts on “Direct Action Everywhere: End Speciesism by Decolonizing”

  1. Hi Chantal. I have been a supporter of yours from early on and sharing your story. I recently shared information about your fight during the LiberationLockdown2 event in Canmore, Alberta as well. However, I cannot continue to support if you attempt to defame DXE and I ( as you know) take issue with your theory that humans still believe they have the right to take the lives of others. That said, I am very aware of and somewhat involved in the decolonization issue and exposing the racism for what it is and continues to do to indigenous people. These people who take animals are not the main part of the fight for animal rights but I have had many talks with indigenous people that if they believe that these animal are sacred and truly respect them as individuals , how can they continue to kill them, use their bodies for decoration and eat their flesh. In some remote areas, people have no other feasible choice but the vast majority of indigenous people can make other choices and evolve their culture to respect and protect the lives of animal brothers and sisters. I also know indigenous people who are vegan. Take care.

    1. Hello Karin!

      I want to say first and foremost, thank you for taking time to you a comment.

      I must stress that is video is not an attempt to defame DXE or anyone for that matter. I took the time to share my side of the conversation because I often feel I am not given a safe space to express myself in Vegan spaces.

      Did you watch the video?

      I speak to what you are speaking of exactly… and so, it makes me wonder if you watched the 20 minutes it took me to explain where I am coming from with my point of view.

      I do feel like- even with all of this work I did to substantiate all my claims for the dogs- and how that work is ongoing- and the shear amount of mental and emotional and spiritual work i had to do in order to do such work- I had to litterealy work through trauma- to make sure the dogs voices got herd-

      It doesnt matter what i did- and what i went through- i did the work- but now it seems- because of my cultural beleifs- no one takes the time to listen to the lessons i have learned working to substantiate my claims of animal abuse and why they are problematic to me- in my understanding of the world around me.

      Because I sat with you all- I understand where you are coming from.

      Please- take 20 minutes to listen to my video- and come back with better questions.
      I want conversation. I really do.

      Humility, courage and respect.

  2. Oh dear. You gotta be kidding. I was expecting some profound argument, but instead you jump into “plants have feelings” bullshit? No, a cabbage isn’t as sentient as a dog. There is no peer reviewed publication in any biology journal that argues plants are sentient. This is just anti science bullshit. This is just an argument anti vegan trolls keep making, that killing a cow is the same as pulling a carrot from the soil.

    Second point, how is veganism “westernization”? It’s a philosophical argument about the moral worth of sentient beings. It has nothing to do with culture or race or ethnicity.

    1. Veganism has everything to do with Westernization of the world. Veganism is a shift of mindsets – animals being sentient- and having the ability to live their life- free of human intervention on the planet.

      Anishinabeg point of view- is that animal and plant and water and earth and sky are sentient- and have to be respected as such- but the anishinabe see themselves as part of their surroundings- another animal- human-

      it has and continues to be this way (however still shifting as they choose to as a sovereign people). I see people are fighting to heal and for freedom from this ongoing genocide with canadian policies that were forced upon them through westernization of turtle island- IE our ancestors coming here- and creating laws from lands they left- to look for better lands- and colonize new spaces to claim their own.

      its 2020- human species are better then acts of war- and you see that its wrong in the agriculture company towards 4 legged but why dont you believe its wrong within the human species??

      Have you an understanding on the history of Indian Act? or- the residential schools? or the day schools? on the 60s scoop? millenial scoop? on the murdered missing indigenous women and girls and 2 spirit in canada?

      These are questions- not allegations. please hear the patience in my writing
      humility courage and respect

  3. “Veganism has everything to do with Westernization of the world. ”

    No it doesn’t. The philosophical claims of veganism are independent of any specific cultural or social background. Or are you gonna say murder laws are also westernized?

    “Anishinabeg point of view- is that animal and plant and water and earth and sky are sentient”

    And they are wrong. Just like they were wrong to say the world exists on the back of a turtle.

    “anishinabe see themselves as part of their surroundings- another animal- human”

    So why not hunt and kill each other for food?

    The rest of your post is irrelevant. What European colonists did to the natives has nothing to do with ethical obligations to nonhuman animals. That’s an irrelevant red herring on your part.

    As for science, all you have is a Forbes article by a wacko scientist projecting her feelings onto the data? Lol. Sure, plants can learn and adapt. So what? Modern computers do that as well, if not better. That doesn’t mean they have a subjective personal experience. They don’t have feelings. To paraphrase Thomas Nagel, there isn’t something that it is like to be a carrot. Even an earthworm has behaviors far more complex than any plant, and I doubt they are conscious either.

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