Staff Come Forward!

 Do you have a similar experience? Do you have some bad memories? Did you work here? I am looking for people to speak out-even anonymously. This is what happens.

TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 17: MPP Cheri DiNovo accepted boxes of petitions from Philip Demers, former Marineland senior marine animal trainer (far right), as Rob Laidlaw, director of Zoocheck; Jim Hammond, land animal care supervisor and Angela Bentivegna, marine mammal trainer look on. Petitions by more than 76,000 people were brought to Queen’s Park by former staff of Marineland. (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

“In 2012 I received a call from an investigative reporter asking for comment on my 12-year experience as a former employee of Marineland Canada. After much introspection and many sleepless nights, I obliged.

When all was said and done, 15 whistleblowers had stepped forward to speak about their experiences at the amusement park — most anonymously, for fear of legal reprisal. Our actions launched an exposé that triggered a large-scale political debate and international conversation centred on the lack of laws, regulations and standards for the care of marine mammals in Ontario.

After delivering a petition to Queen’s Park and working diligently with those involved in the process, the Government of Ontario is now, finally, poised to enact the very animal protection laws that we sought back in 2012.”

Phil Demers Whistle Blower and Activist


I was told, if I told anyone all the dogs would die. It took allot for me to speak out, I am willing to continue all the work, and use my face and name. I am hoping more will have courage and admit that what I am saying is true, on the record-Staying silent only hurts the dogs. Please, do the right thing- you can msg me for a direct contact via this blog

It takes people like us to make changes, we need to have courage to speak out.

Not all dogs are treated like this in the industry, but all dogs are protected under the same laws. It’s legal to shoot any number of dogs in canada..

Staying silent only hurts the dogs. Please, do the right thing- you can msg me via this blog

Chantal Dostaler

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