College of Veterinarians of Ontario- Part 1

*This letter, and application was sent in July of 2018.*


Dear College of Veterinarians of Ontario,

I wish to file a complaint against the vet (…) on behalf of all the dogs at “the kennel”.

It is CVO’s mandates that its licensed members access safe, competent and ethical care to its clients. The application shows clear examples of areas of concern for the dogs. As a member “the kennel’s” primary canine care team, the veterinarian ought to have involved themselves more closely, via follow ups or by other means, to assure the dog’s overall well being.

There is reason to believe the veterinarian in question should have, or ought to have known the dogs were receiving less than adequate care and their welfare may be at risk.

The applicant has reason to believe due to the veterinarian’s attesting to the care of the dogs, yet lack of involvement of the kennel, that there has been grave negative outcomes on the dogs and workers of this kennel.

It is the applicant’s request, on behalf of the dogs of “the kennel”,  that this veterinarian hospital be investigated for their involvement with the care of/or lack of care of the dogs living and working at the establishment.

Furthermore, the applicant also requests that the Ontario Veterinary College uses its authority to develop bylaws that further protect the welfare of kennel dogs/working dogs in Ontario.

I look forward from hearing from you

on behalf of all the dogs at “the kennel”.


Yours very truly,

Chantal Dostaler

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