College of Veterinarian of Ontario- Part 2

* 10 décembre 2018*

Dear Ms. Dostaler,


I am in receipt of your returned list of issues in which you requested a few revisions and provided additional information.    After consideration, the College accepted two of your suggested revisions to issues 1 (a) and 1 (d), and we included a new issue 1 (g), however, the added issue 1 (h), will not be included as a separate issue.  In review of what you have provided, it was the opinion of the College that 1 (h) was seen to be information in which to obtain evidence to support 1 (e), as you have noted, but was not considered to be a stand alone issue of concern.


As well, I wish to address the comment that you made at the end of your correspondence in which you state that you wish to be “considered as a primary party” ….. in this investigation.   In response, I wish to remind you that although you are considered a party to this complaint as the complainant, the College cannot disclose confidential information to you as you are not the owner of the animals in question.    The confidential information would include the response from the veterinarians when they discuss the veterinary care provided to their client nor any medical records provided, nor a statement from the owners of the “kennel”, unless they provide authorization for the College to disclose this confidential veterinarian/client/patient information to you.    You may recall, that you were informed of this when you initially brought your concerns to the College’s attention.     If possible, the College may be able to disclose redacted versions of responses/information to you but until this information is received I am unable to assure you that this will be the case.    You can therefore only have trust in the College that we will conduct a thorough investigation of your concerns as best we can and will involve you in any areas that we are able to do so.


At the end of the investigation, you will most likely receive a redacted version of the Complaints Committee panel’s Decision and Reasons.  So, although you will be privy to the panel’s conclusion, you may not be privy to the content in the reasoning section as it will include the confidential information described above.


Thank you.

Rose Robinson

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