Cold Warning II- Drop Chains

“Drop chains” is a length of chain, that has multiple 6″-1′ smaller links of chain.

These chain are extremely handy when getting dogs ready for the sled!


For every two people, there are 6 dogs (long story short) and camps fit 22 people. We often had large numbers of dogs at camp. That’s allot of drop chain!

Just like the kennel, we made sure to have fresh straw down for those dogs before bed. It doesn’t seem so bad midway through season, because the straw adds up but we do get freezing rains, and thaws, and I’ve had occasions of lighting storms in the winter. The dog’s stay on the chain, in the rain, snow, whatever.

The dogs slept on those chains. They can’t run around and warm up because their chains are so short,” for the dogs protection”. But they can interact with their neighbor, so as a guide, we had to be careful with how we organized the dogs. No Fighting, No Humping.

They are mostly all accustomed to it.

The rule was, they had to be quiet, so at night, if dogs barked or cried, we would go check on them, but if it was a habit, we would work with the dog, to stop the habit.

The guides also had the great task of stocking the stoves, so, we checked on the dogs at night. If they were in a ball, that was good, if they were sitting up, that meant something was wrong. We would give them more straw, or a coat. Guides were  supplied with 3-4 dog coats each. The ratio is 1 guide per 7 clients.

You got it!  That means 3 coats for 24 dogs.

Chantal Dostaler

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