Chocpaw Closes: What about the Dogs?

On May 7th, Dogtales Rescue and Sanctuary called Chocpaw Expeditions, who say they are closing its doors, and asked to take the dogs.

This kennel refuses to release its 190 dogs to the Sanctuary, even as it claims to be shutting its doors for good. Everyone who is advocating for the dogs, is deeply concerned.

Marg Reid’s responce to Almaguin News



I can’t do much about it myself, but I am always willing to try- I wrote a letter to the staff, and contacted the OSPCA:


It wouldn’t be the first time that mushers in the area, such as SHARP, make effort to disperse dogs within the unregulated industry, never to be seen again. This is what advocates are worried about, dispersing these dogs to other kennels, where they won’t get vet care, and live the rest of their lives out on chains.


Chocpaw refuses to give their dogs to sanctuaries. Are you concerned? I am.

Here’s what you, Dear Reader, can do:

  • Add yourself to EndSledDogCruelty on Facebook to get involved.
  • Call Chocpaw and beg them to release their dogs to Dogtales
  • Call the OSPCA,
  • Call the OPP,
  • Call your local MP/MPP, and let them know that you are concerned for the dogs of Chocpaw Expeditions.
  • Watch the Sled Dogs Film, you will recognize the kennel by its rows of blue barrels.


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Chantal Dostaler

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