Bill-156: In Solidarity

An unregulated industry is more likely to want to protect its image, than respect its animals. This is why I am highly opposed to the proposed bill-156.


The Agriculture industry has been subjected to harsh criticism, as not only does it mistreat its animals, but science shows that the multi million dollar agriculture industry is the leading cause of climate change.


Vegans in particular have recognized this mistreatment and are calling for change. Many of the Vegans are Animal Rights activists who have been putting themselves in the front lines to expose such cruelty. This is very important work.


Unfortunately the provincial Agriculture Minister put forward a new bill in Ontario “The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act” Bill 156, which will immobilize those fighting for the rights of the domesticated four legged.


I came into the Sled Dog industry without truly knowing what I was getting myself into.  When it was all over with nowhere to turn, I lost my mind, suffered with debilitating depression and almost took my own life.


Since, I have completely blown the whistle with my website. I truly cannot think of anything else I can do unless I am specifically called upon. I must say animal protection groups supported my whistle blowing and aided in the cause for dogs in the sled dog industry.


People like Jenny McQueen who locked herself to the barrels, demanding that the vet be called for these animals.  People like Fern Levitt, who has put together a documentary on the behind the scenes lives of sled dogs. #sleddogsfilm.

I told the OSPCA and the Vets about the dead dog pit, and who dug them up but Anonymous Animal Activists who wanted the world to see what the end of the line looked for these animals.

I haven’t always been met with respect from my allies because I hunt and fish, which is a huge conflict of interest for Animal Rights activists. I’ve noticed that they do not carry that same respect  to those with roots (plant beings) and that is a conflict of interest for me. However, we set differences aside to reach a common goal.

AR activists have put themselves in the front-lines for the dogs. Thanks to them, I have not lost the ability to take my employer to court to fight for my own rights while advocating for the dogs. I consider AR Activists my best Allies in the fight for dogs in the sled dog industry.


I support people like Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save who gave water to pigs on the way to the slaughterhouse. #PigTrial

I support Malcolm Klimowicz, whistleblower who took undercover footage of a Mink Farm #MinkTrial.


I support the work of those who are exposing the treatment of animals on farms.


I don’t support Bill-156.


Chantal Dostaler

Whistleblower for Dogs in the Sled Dog Industry 




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