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My first year working at the large kennel, there was quite the shakeup in the local mushing community. The Township of Joly was debating new bylaws for kennel operators in the jurisdiction. The mushers were of course, concerned about how this would effect their kennels and livelihood. I guess they had nothing to worry about in the end. I recently filed complaints; Township of Joly and Village of South River who both say it is not their responsibility to look into the matter I have brought up and point me towards the OSPCA.

With recent responses from the local municipalities , it seems to me that this is an appropriate time to mention when the municipality was trying to phase out larger kennels back in 2014.

Jan 30 2014- Roland Cilliers, North Bay Nippissing



I never considered myself to be a political person, I was just trying to make a new life in the area, but it turns out, everything is political. Everything that’s working right is because of politics, and everything that is going wrong, is politics. When things are going wrong… it stems up to by-laws and policy enforcement. Law makers aren’t typically directly being effected by policies they enforce. They may not know what is going on, it’s up to us, to tell them and demand change. That’s why it’s good to sign petitions, and call your MPs. (Apparently… I don’t know man, I failed civics in high school).


Allot of folks from work attended this meeting, the boss wanted us to be there to see what is happening, and he was sure to let us know, this could directly affect us, as “employees” of the kennel. I was present during the township meeting, silently advocating on the side of the kennel owners. At the time, I was a contract employee for the large kennel, and lived with the small kennel owner.

Jan 30 2014, Rollan Cilliers, Northbay Nippissing
Sep 04, 2013 by Roland Cilliers, Northbay Nipissing

The fire was caused by lightning, a near by kennel owner (who also used to work at that kennel) noticed smoke coming from the kennel and called the owners to alert them. I wasn’t there for the fire, as I hadn’t started working there yet, but I was involved in getting everything prepped for the sledding season. The building that burnt down contained all the harnesses, the gang lines, the drop chains, the sled bags… The staff had to rebuild everything: This part I was there for.  It was allot of work, and we also had to fix all the sleds and manually realign the kennel spaces as per usual that time of year. Let’s not forget the 385+ dogs: training and husbandry. Did I mention I wasn’t getting financially compensated? As a contract employee, I was only getting paid when I was chosen to guide a trip by the supervisor (with the very rare occasion on extremely busy days with clients. ( One had to ask for compensation for those days- minimum hourly wage). To my knowledge, it was like this for every contract worker.


Jam 30 2014 Rollan Cilliers Northbay Nippissing

In my possession, I have notes about topics of the meeting from founder of the large kennel.

Oops! Joly proposed by-law. Written by founder of the large kennel. Jan 22 2014


Oops! Joly Proposed Bylaw, Large Kennel, Jan 22 2014

College of Veterinarian of Ontario- Part 2



Both municipalities had the bylaw officer look into the matter. The very same bylaw officer who inspects and signs off on kennel licensing renewal. My complaint refers to six inch drop chains that the dogs are made to sleep on-without shelter- during overnight trips stripping the dogs of their right to shelter and adequate chain length.

In short, no one is taking action to help these dogs :Even if I worked here,  I personally was involved and am able to give evidence. I refuse to believe that the finger points solely to the Veterinarian and would like to see someone take on the responsibility of questioning the business model, the treatment of -at the very least- the dogs of this kennel and, enforcing legal ramification.

If you have any ideas on what to do next, Dear Reader, please comment below!

Chantal Dostaler

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