An Open Letter to Chocpaw Expeditions

Dear Owner of the Chocpaw Expeditions,

I’m writing you to ask that you please release the dogs to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

Owner, we haven’t spoken to each other since 2017. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and I’ve come to understand a few things. First and foremost, in 2017, you lost your husband of over 40 years, and along with that loss, you gained responsibility of 250+ dogs that you didn’t know. Dog sledding was your late husband’s passion, not yours.

Your relation to the kennel and its buisness was making sure that all of the staff were well fed. In fact, you fed us hot home cooked meals with desert at your dinner table every night during winter months, welcoming us into your home. Seemingly, your main concern was to see that we are all well fed.

I don’t know where your standing on in regards to the dogs at Chocpaw now, but most of my experiences regarding the dogs welfare and neglect was while I was employed by you directly.

Maybe the things I was subjected too was because of circumstances, or maybe this was always the way Chocpaw Expeditions operated. Regardless, the dogs deserve better.

Please, I urge you to surrender the dogs to Dog Tales.



Chantal Dostaler


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