An Open Letter to Buffy Sainte Marie : You’ve Got to Run!

  • In 2018- This song PoPed into my music feed – And changed my life. I felt it was written for me, about me- Of course you know that’s the Magic of song- It has a way of moving many people- and tuning us in.Listen- While you read.“You Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind)” was written by Sainte-Marie and inspired by champion dogsled racer George Atila, who competed in the first-ever Iditarod dog sled race in 1973 and was the subject of the 1979 film, Spirit Of The Wind. Tanya Tagaq’s Throat singing floats us away to those places where the wind carries, where the people of the land have ancestral connection to  Dogs.This song helped me find strength and courage and stay persistent in my Efforts to expose the Canadian Sled Dog Industry – ( read the 10 part series  )I can’t speak much to the Ididtarod -The amount of money that goes into this Yearly race- the Prize money, the Sponsorships, and all that… yet the dogs live in similar conditions to that which I whistle blew.   A friend, Ashley Keith has spent countless years working hard exposing the mistreatment of the dogs- And that is who I would direct you too for this perspective.I’ve Gained a New Perspective: When speaking out about the Canadian Sled Dog Industry- It always comes back to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Slaughter of the Inuit Sled Dogs- as well as First Nations communities. As Much as I love and care for the 4 legged – I have a deeper passion for my 2 legged relatives.Dear Buffy Sainte Marie,Chi Miigwech- Thank you so Much for the Songs who Inspire multi Generations.
  • What inspired you to write this song about George Atila and the Ididtarod?
    What words of wisdom do you have for the Youth of Today?

    What words of wisdom do you have for the Adults of Today?

    If the People Came to you, Requesting you as Governor General Would you Accept the Title?

    I understand Change Comes with Time. I also Understand the Role of a Governor General and would Like yo see Canada’s Next Governor General be An Indigenous Woman- … listening to your songs, I have faith that you would be a great fit for this role.

    You’ve Got To Run!


    Chantal Dostaler

    EH?  Govenor General?

    Are you new to Buffy Sainte Marie? Shes an 80 years wise Indigenous Woman – She is an Elder ( – Can I say this?- )
    Many of us who have grown up watching sesame street, have listened to her music, listened to her Speak in public events. Her reputation precedes her.
    As you’ll notice on the home page- If you click on “hope” you’ll get an understanding to what I believe the next step may look like… I have to give credit where Credit is due, It’s my pops Tony Wezence who shared with me this Idea- Of an Indigenous Governor General-
    Tony- Thank you for your guidance and reassurance. “don’t worry about it”

    A Big Thank you to Creator, Family, Clan and Community and without whom, I would not have found such strength to Whistleblow.
    Thank you for your patience and support
    From Our home in Traditional Algonquin Territory- Ottawa- Anishinaabi Aki
    Protect Living Creation
    With Love
    Chantal Dostaler

    If the People Asked you to be Our Governor General of Canada- Would you Accept?

    What would be your pressing issues to as Governor General of Canada?


  • If the People Asked you to be Our Governor General of Canada- Would you Accept?What would be your pressing issues to as Governor General of Canada?
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