An Open Letter to Buffy Sainte Marie : You’ve Got to Run!

Indigenous Perspectives show that Everything is Connected, and Related. When we protect the water, we are protecting the land. When we protect the land, we are protecting the plants and animals : Our Relatives to be Respected under Natural Law.

When we stand up for Indigenous Rights (Human Rights), We are giving platform to these very teachings.

  • Dear Grandmother Buffy Sainte Marie

    In 2018- This song PoPed into my music feed – And changed my life. I felt it was written for me, about me- Of course you know that’s the Magic of song- It has a way of moving many people- and tuning us in.Listen- While you read.“You Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind)” was written by Sainte-Marie and inspired by champion dogsled racer George Atila, who competed in the first-ever Iditarod dog sled race in 1973 and was the subject of the 1979 film, Spirit Of The Wind. Tanya Tagaq’s Throat singing floats us away to those places where the wind carries… This song helped me find strength and courage and stay persistent in my Efforts to Explore the Canadian Sled Dog Industry, its Policy and all Those Related  While I Gave Voice to my 4 legged Friends.( read the 10 part series  )
    Thank you so Much for the Songs who Inspire multi Generations.

What inspired you to write this song about George Atila and the Ididtarod? I love it !

I noticed that recently you have worked with Humane Canada… Also, you wrote a book and a song Rockabye!

What prompted you in Giving Voice to Animals?

Why it is important for us to Advocate for Animal Rights- still – when many Human Beings are still struggling on Turtle Island

What sort of Turtle Island do you Hope to see Our Grandchildren live in?

Merci, Thank you, Miigwech

Chantal Dostaler

Are you new to Buffy Sainte Marie?

Many of us who have grown up watching sesame street, have listened to her music, listened to her Speak in public events. Her reputation precedes her.

Canada and US Banned allot of her music on the airways- no worries. Internet.
Her music is  Timeless- Please check out her Tunes!

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