Whistle Blower for Dogs in the Sled Dog industry


Many Canadians have a dog in their home which they considered part of the family and would do anything to protect their well being.

Dogs in the sled dog industry are essentially farmed but rather than being consumed, the dogs are put to work.

My experience speaks not only to the lack of animal protection laws in the farming industry, but also for peoples pets. Sled dogs and pet dogs (as well as other animals) deserve to have their rights recognized by the law in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

I welcome everyone to take action moving forward, to ensure that the legal system truly represents what Canadians values in regards to animal well being.

The Bigger Picture

Educate, motivate and bring change to the current laws and regulations for the sleddog industry.

We hope to gain allies and to move people towards a sustainable and fair legal system for the animals and in turn, help the ( usually marginalized ) front-line laborers speak out about industry standards.

Through perseverance and teamwork, Virtuous Musher aims to provide access to pertinent information and also to help you find ways to become an active member and harbinger of change.




“This will come as a shock, unfortunately, we do have some of the worst animal protection laws in the western world”

Camille Labchuk
Executive director of Animal Justice


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