A Quick Look Back…


3 years ago I chose to work under the name “Virtuous Musher”

Musher- is the industry term for a person who runs dog sled teams

I chose Virtuous as a means to honor my old male employer’s (RIP) efforts to empower his staff through Virtue.

He is the one, who told me over and over again, that I was virtuous.

His teachings helped me recognize this within myself, which no doubt, has helped me persevere in the most horrible times, because believe me- there were horrible times.

I strive to keep being professional- this is not about revenge, this is not about money- this has always been in attempts to fight for awareness of the reality for these dogs.

Beleive it or not- if this solely affected me, maybe I would have walked away… But there is no virtue, in walking away from a fight- while others continue to struggle.

If I said, I truly cared for those dogs… but walked away when I was fired… wouldn’t walking away show true hypocrisy?


Speak up, Speak out!

How else do we break the cycle?


No matter how hard it may be, when you know better- you do better-


Chantal Dostaler


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