A Different Breed- Guides Deserve Protection.

Hey reader! Turns out, employers can’t just create their own contracts with rules that go against the Act. The ministry of labor is there to protect this from happening.

The ministry of labor needs to make a new category for tour guides: We are not fish and hunting guides. We have a very demanding position and can be moderate to high risk situations. We take care of your kids, of your friends and family when we take you out. It’s very demanding, hard, work. It’s also very fulfilling work.

Oh, Canada. The guides who allow people to push their edges and come play in the wilder areas are an asset, not only to Canada’s economic value, but for the protection of all of turtle island.

We allow people to fall in love with nature again, and falling in love with nature, is a way to ensure its protection.

It’s great that there is a high economic value in Wilderness tourism in Ontario, but us workers? Most guides I met start out very young, with camps, or fresh out of college in their early 20s. There are people from other countries here, working under Visa’s as well.  Allot of folks in this industry, would rather move on than to fight for their rights. I’m not blaming anyone, it’s hard work.

Moving on, without filing a complaint enables shitty company practices.

We are a completely different category, and should be protected under the act according to our specific needs.

These exchange of emails are between myself and the old owner in 2014 I was in my mid 20’s.






Again, We are a completely different category-different breed-, and should be protected under the act according to our specific needs.

Filing with the ministry is easy. Be persistent.

Wanna file a claim?


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