10 years: Today History Repeats Itself

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Get Politically Active

Know your history, Know your Rights

This is no conspiracy theory this is literally how we as a people can make change in legislation.

I want the youth to know, that you can be part of something greater and you can change the world.

If you get involved in politics right now, that is real, and that will make real change.


Now, more than ever,you need to question everything, and look for the answers.

Please, be mindful of your resources- go straight to the source- and find your answers there.

Trust the Science.


How are we- the human animal- having impact on this planet?


Do we need to keep building, or can we stop- and regroup?


Where is your food coming from? How are the animals treated? Are you okay with this?- It might be time to rethink the multi billion dollar agriculture industry

What are the renewable energy sources and how do we transition? It might be time to quit the oil.

Where is all the potable drinking water coming from? Why don’t all people in Canada have access to it?

Don’t like this confinement? Maybe its time to rethink detention centers…

Working at a grocery store, for little pay, and no benefits? Maybe its time we rethink our wages

How does your country’s economy work- and what does that mean in the bigger picture?

Is your country at war? What is your country’s government part in the war?

Who holds this planets wealth- and where is it going to?

Who are our world leaders, and who are they listening to when making decisions?


What is the bigger picture?


Are we able to stop our own ways-face the discomfort and transition with the well being in mind- of future generations of all our relations on this planet.


Humility, and Bravery

Chantal Dostaler, Animal Advocate


Settlers, Immigrants, Refugees, 2 legged, 4 legged, winged, crawlers, finned

Anyone… Everyone






History repeats itself, unless of course we fight for change in our legal systems.




10 year anniversary to a mass cull of sled dogs….

Full article here:https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-man-charged-with-cruelty-in-sled-dog-massacre-1.799144


10 years later, another pit of dogs…

Full Article here: https://www.thedodo.com/close-to-home/sled-dog-grave-discovered-canada










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  1. Fine article and very informative. My heart goes out to these animals. Perhaps if the people doing this were made to suffer like these dogs they’d be more compassionate about those poor animals

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