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Animal Charter Of Rights And Freedoms (A Petition: Vote For Hope)

Prime Minister of Canada, Election Times It's 2019, Canadian animal protection laws are long overdue for a reform. Dogs, Cats, ...
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the Mission

To inform first hand on the issues and discrepancies in the animal protection sector. I hope to gain allies and to move people towards a sustainable and fair legal system for the animals. This blog will recount all the work that has gone into and continues to be done, towards accountability...  from first-hand experience and in layman’s terms, this informative blog will allow you to follow the work that goes into Whistleblowing and Animal Advocacy.

Through perseverance and teamwork, I would like to help people access information and also inform you as to how you can easily participate in change.

Virtuous Musher's Learning Curve

All advice is considered. We need all the help we can get. If you have experience in Animal Protection, Social Media, Grant Applications, Fundraising Campaigns etc...