Did you know, it is legal to shoot and eat your dog in canada?


It's time to demand better laws for our furry friends.
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Thank You OSPCA!

OSPCA backs out of  animal cruelty law enforcement! I see this as good news for the long term. The reality…

the Mission

To inform first hand on the issues, the discrepancies in the animal welfare system, I hope to gain allies and to move people towards a sustainable and fair legal system for the animals. This blog will recount all the work that has gone into and continues to be done, towards accountability... My mission is to clearly inform, from first-hand experience and in layman’s terms, on the issues and the discrepancies in the animal welfare system.

Through perseverance and teamwork, I would like to help people access information and also inform you as to how you can easily participate in change.

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the change

I worked at this dog sledding kennel for several years. I lived 3 hours north of Toronto, On or 45 mins south of North Bay, On. The more years I worked there, the more things- awful things- I witnessed and was part of. Like a frog in a pot of cold water. Boiled to death. Not having felt the water’s temperature, slowly heating up.

I got in the industry thinking everything was great and slowly, somehow, my mind numbed out. And I broke.

This blog recounts such awful things, for the purpose of learning from the past, to improve the future. The steps I’ve taken to try and find out why and how these happenings are sanctioned or brushed aside in the Sled Dog Industry.

Together, let us get to the bottom of this.

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